I Grow Brands Organically

By leveraging technology and data to drive a customer-centric marketing strategy, advertising becomes obsolete.

An Omnichannel Marketing Strategy

A unified brand experience that uses data to create meaningful customer relationships and is seamlessly integrated into every communication touchpoint is the secret to sustainable long-term success.


Data never lies, except when it becomes a science.

Prioritize unbiased dataeither proprietary (such as SEM Rush) or public (like the Pew Research Institute)over sources that want to sell you their audience. 


It’s a fallacy that consumers were ever unconscious. 

Building strong brand that shares the values of your customers and creates an emotional bond will be the new standard operating procedure for successful businesses.


Once a customer recognizes a need, it’s your time to shine.

Not having a marketing automation tool that holds a prospect’s hand through the sales funnel sends a warning signal that your business isn’t buttoned up. Don’t drive them to your competitors.

Service + Support

Retention > Acquisition. Always.

A 5% increase in retention –> a 25% growth in profits.* Once a customer goes from prospect to paying, every interaction with your brand is an opportunity to retain and upselldon’t lose your shot!

About Catherine Schutten

I grew up on beautiful Cape Cod, a vacation hot-spot for New Englanders and a sanctuary for small businesses that thrived on the annual summer population influx. While there will always be rude visitors — and the one car with New York plates that holds up traffic at the rotary on Route-28 — I have never complained about tourist season on the Cape, as I was a direct beneficiary. Every summer during high school and college I was hired by local businesses that thrived in our seasonal tourist economy.

I consider the jobs I had back on Cape Cod just as formative as my degree in marketing from Fordham University and the professional positions I’ve had here in New York City.


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